Recap Roundups
April 20, 2017
NY Rangers 3, Montreal 2
Caught on the losing end of the overtime game-winning goal battle in Game 2, Mika Zibanejad exacted a bit of revenge.
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Pittsburgh 5, Columbus 2
The Pittsburgh Penguins asked goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury to go to a podium to speak with reporters Thursday night. Special treatment for a special performance.
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Nashville 4, Chicago 1
By not planning on a sweep, the Nashville Predators accomplished what few thought was possible.
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Edmonton 4, San Jose 3
When David Desharnais played for the Montreal Canadiens, he played with another diminutive forward, Daniel Briere. And Briere kept telling Desharnais that, on any given night, a player had to be ready to be a hero.
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